Lithium Batterie LiFePO4 12.8V 100Ah kompakt mit LED Anzeige

Lithium Batterie LiFePO4 12.8V 100Ah kompakt mit LED Anzeige

Comming soon! 8. April 2022


Lithium Batterie LiFePO4 12.8V 100Ah kompakt

Länge 330mm

Breite 172mm

Höhe 215mm

Gewicht 11,5kg

Gute Qualität, von uns geprüft, erhalten sie eine sehr gute Alternative zu den Blei, AGM, oder GEL Batterien


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  • technische Daten

    Technical specifications of products batteries specifications Lithium iron-100AH capacity 100Ah Nominal voltage 3.2V Nominal resistance ≤1.2mΩ combination String of 1 and 4 With standard set tolerance≤1% Single section internal resistance is very poor≤1m Ω Single node voltage difference≤5mV Charge retention capacity≥ 90% The finished product parameters Nominal voltage(V) 12.8 Nominal capacity(Ah) 100 The minimum capacity(Ah) 100 Charging cut-off voltage (V) 13.6 Discharge cut-off voltage (V) 10 USB output voltage(V) There is no USB maximum output current (A) There is no NC The file number: NFT-SC1-001 Version number: A/0 China Jinan SPH Photoelectric Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Page of time: 4 Of 10 The date of:2018-08-09 Maximum continuous discharge current(A) 250 display There is no Standard charging current(A) 20 Charging Suitable Temperature 0℃~45℃ Discharge suitable temperature -20℃~45℃ The battery size 330*273*217mm Storage temperature range -40℃~55℃ Storage of ambient humidity(RH) 5%~95% Management system Single overvoltage protection value 3.7V Overpressure release value 3.6V Single undervoltage protection value 2.45V Undervoltage release value 2.7V Overcurrent protection value 400A Accessories hardware Bluetooth

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